Mid Coast Driving School 

2102 Ave D

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Mid Coast Driving School is certified thru Texas Department of Licencing and Regulation (TDLR).




*** Attention Driver Education Students: The new law -- March 1 - All students under the age of 18 must take the driving course and skill exam. The student fee is $16.00 for a permit.


Extends the current phase One  - restrictions for graduated driver licenses are as followed. 

  • must hold instructional permit (learners license) for 6 months to 1 year (depend on students age)
  • can only drive with a license driver that's 21 years of age and have held a valid drivers license for one year.
    • limit on number of passengers (one passenger under age of 18 that's not a family member)
  • Night Driving is restricted on instructional permit (12:00 - 5:00 a.m.)

*** Classroom Only ***




Number of Lessons 16           Length of the course 32 hrs.           Length of lesson 2 hrs. 


Class days are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for most weeks. During the summer, classes meet four days a week; Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and some Fridays each week. Students should plan accordingly with their schedule. Students that miss class or arrive late must make up the time in order to receive the Texas DE 964 completion certificate. 

 *note - A class must have a minimum of 8 students. If a class does not meet the minimum size requirement, a full refund will be given to those who have pre-registered, or an option to move the student to the upcoming class.


*** Phase Two - Behind The Wheel Training*** 


 The students have two options for completing the in-car driving hours. 




In Car Driving- the student can drive with our experienced, certified instructors. 


Number of Lessons 7          Length of the course 14 hrs.           Length of lesson 2 hrs.




***Parent Taught***


Parents MUST order two separate packets. Packet one is the DPS Parent Taught Drivers Education Packet ($20) from Austin. Packet two is the 44 hour In- Car Driving Curriculum that can be downloaded online with TDLR. 

Parent taught students who wish to receive in car instruction only with Mid-coast Driving School cost will be $300.


Driver education application check list:
After completing Student Driver Ed class. You will need the following:

1. Texas Driver Education Certificate (De- 964) Mid-Coast Driving School.
2. Application for Texas Driver License. (Notary)
3. Texas Residency Affidavit. (Notary) Two bills. Electric, utility, cable, gas bill ect. Look on back of affidavit for more info.
4. Social Security Card/ Birth Certificate
5. Verification of Enrollment. (Voe) School issued (Good for 30 days)
6. Cost for instruction permit. $16.00

7. Complete 7 hours behind the wheel driving instruction from MCDS with 7 hours of observation. (7plus7)
8.  Complete 30 hours behind the wheel log sheet with parent or guardian, 21yrs of age with 1yr driving experience.
9.  Must hold instruction license for 6 mnts or till 16th birthday. Which ever come last.
10.  After completion of 7 plus 7 driving hours, students must complete ITTD https://impacttexasteendrivers.dps.texas.gov print certificate. Mid Coast will issue the De-964 (green form)
11.  Return to DPS with De-964, Voe, and 30 hr log sheet, SS card.
12.  DPS will assign a time for driving skill test.
13.  After passing skills test student will receive provisional license form DPS with restriction.